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Weeny Meeny’s Halloween is a magical children’s book about a young witch who just turned 1,000 years old. She isn’t a toddler anymore and much to her excitement, she is allowed to do lots of things by herself. Weeny Meeny noticed that the older witches in Witchtown always flew in the air and nobody bothered to clean the streets. They were littered with garbage and covered in weeds. Weeny Meeny and her pets, a black cat and a black crow, wanted to do something extraordinary. They wanted to make the streets spotless, shiny, and accessible just in time for Halloween. With a little sprinkle of magic, they got the job done and everyone in Witchtown is happy!

ISBN 9781989661 00 0

Wanna make the world neat? Start with your own street

full page book illustration

If you can impress a single town you can impress the whole world

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To come true big dreams do not begin in small minds

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