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The Story of Ben and Button

The Story of Ben and Button is a children’s book about a friendship between a boy and a robot dog. Ben loves dogs but he is allergic to them and he can’t have one. He claims that dog is another word for happiness. To cheer him up, his parents decide to buy him a white Pomeranian robodog with a red emergency button in the middle of his chest. Ben names the dog Button and he is as loyal as a real dog. Button claims a pillow as his territory and covers it with artificial hair, he keeps quiet when Ben studies and he helps a neighbourhood cat. Button provides Ben and his parents with lots of laughs, comfort and safety, especially when they have a house fire…

ISBN 978 1 7753787 7 8

The Earth is probably round, so friends can encircle it easily with love

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“Unus sed leo” – only one but a lion

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When you have fun you don’t even realize that you are learning

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