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Nadia’s Shoes

Nadia’s Shoes is a children’s picture book about a friendship that started at the fence of a hospital. Nadia was on one side of the fence. She was in the hospital yard in a wheelchair. Her parents died in an air attack and Nadia was the only one to survive. Her dream was to walk again. Zoya was on the other side of the fence. She was begging on the sidewalk just outside the hospital doors. She had no relatives. Her dream was to buy a pair of shoes for the coming winter. The two girls become fast friends and tell each other stories and sing songs. One day, the mailman comes and delivers a package to Nadia. What happens next is a proof that in every human heart there is a very precious corner. A corner that people have to nurture, protect and grow as it is the priceless corner of goodness and selflessness.

ISBN: 978-1-989661-17-8