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The Journey of Yuan and Kian

The Journey of Yuan and Kian is a whimsical children’s picture book about a land unicorn, Yuan, and a sea unicorn (or narwhal), Kian, and how they created the stars in the pitch-black sky. Yuan’s job is to poke holes in the soil with his horn so that people can plant seeds and grow fruits and vegetables. Kian’s job is to poke holes in the ocean with his horn so that the marine animals can get some air. When Yuan meets Kian, they form an immediate friendship and help each other dig holes faster so they can have time to play after work. Unfortunately, the evenings are dark and they realize that no one can play after sunset. With some help from the other animals, they find a way to add light to the night sky, allowing playtime to last longer. This children’s picture book has a touch of magic and its connection to folktales and fables will be enjoyed and admired by kids who like a meaningful story and dreaming big. With its message of “when you believe, you are,” The Journey of Yuan and Kian definitely deserves its place on children’s bookshelves.

ISBN 978 0 9809748 6 7

Friendship shouldn’t come and go like a wave – it should stay
like a rock

full page book illustration

Your final destination won’t care how you arrive –
just that you do

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Be a dreamer. And if you do not reach a star, still take time from high above to enjoy the view

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