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Leo the Lion

Different, therefore bullied? We are all different — even in our appearance. Our uniqueness should be celebrated.
Little boy Leo, the main character, is very short and has a cleft lip. That’s why the children from his village, including his cousin, ridicule him — up until Leo’s good heart and brevity win him a friend, and silence the bullies.
This story is a powerful reminder that children with physical differences are strong and resilient, and they, as we all do, thrive among good friends.

ISBN 978 1 989661 18 5

Leo’s little dog was the only one who did not make fun of his height or his cleft lip.

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The little lion said, “You have to turn off the waterworks, boohoo boy. Look at me. I am also short. I have a cleft lip too. No one giggles at me.”

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He became Leo the Lion. And nobody laughed at his height or his cleft lip, ever again.

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