SELFPUBLISHING – Publisher of Children's Picture Books

I decided to be an indie author-publisher, because we, the indies, have nothing to lose:
no unsolicited manuscripts, no literary agents, no letters of rejection and no waiting for royalties.

Yes, for some of us it is easier to write books, rather than to promote them, which is a significant part of the self-publishing process. If writing is undeniably the BEAUTY, promoting a book is the BEAST. I decided to hug the beast and try to fly on my own. If this doesn’t sound convincing, listen to Peter Pan:
the moment where you doubt whether you can fly, you cease forever being able to do it.

Some readers are skeptical about the quality of self-published books, as they come from unknown frontier – the indie-fields of the world.
I personally like new frontiers although they can be tough, challenging and hostile. We all know that large fields are smothered in weeds but they are also a home to beautiful, wild flowers.

I hope you will agree you find nothing but flowers here.